Melbourne is a world-class city for living and studying. With several world’s best universities and colleges, a vibrant cultural and artistic scene, Melbourne is an exciting experience. Nocturnal, cultural, cosmopolitan, sporty, inclusive and friendly, the capital of Victoria welcomes about 110,000  international students every year.


  • Along with Sydney, Melbourne has the largest educational offer in Australia.
  • The cost of living is lower than in Sydney.
  • It is a large city with a wide and diverse job offer all year long.
  • Rich cultural life, artistic and great nightlife.


  • It is hard to predict the weather and normally it changes a lot, even in the same day.  Cold and rainy winter and hot summer.
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We work with top-leven Australian schools:

  • Greenwich College
  • Fusion
  • Explore English
  • Primus English
  • Torrens University