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Improve your English with a course especially designed for international students.

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TAFE and VET Courses

Study a technical course (TAFE or VET courses) and improve your job opportunities.

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Study a career in an Australian university, with all the benefits of the Student Visa.

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Study a world class postgraduate degree in one of Australia's prestigious universities.

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Easy Life Australia Free Consultation

You don’t know what to study? Do you need help with your visa application?
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1. Contact

We contact you to know your goals and needs in Australia.

2. Search

We look for and prepare an academic plan for you.

3. Inscription

We apply and enroll you in the course.

4. Visa

We prepare your Student Visa application.

5. First Steps

Already in Australia, we help you with your first steps to live in the country.

Other's experience

  • Otávio Maya, Brazil

    Otávio Maya, Brazil

    “Once I decided to opt for a Student Visa in Australia, I checked several alternatives. I found that Easy Life Australia was my best option, as it is an exceptional agency. The attention is very personal and close; the people and the place makes the whole process very comfortable”

  • Minna Maltari, Finland

    Minna Maltari, Finland

    “In Easy Life Australia they helped me a lot by guiding me through the whole visa process. It was a very personal, close and very helpful service to achieve my goals in Australia.”

  • Sho Ikeda, Japan

    Sho Ikeda, Japan

    “Easy Life consultants are friendly but professional at the same time. I had problems in finding an academic plan according to my situation and I almost gave up, but at Easy Life they found and proposed a plan that suited me perfectly.”

  • Lívia Nicoliello, Brazil

    Lívia Nicoliello, Brazil

    “First, I felt out of place in Australia, I missed my home. But I met Easy Life and I felt at home, they guided me through the process of renewing my visa student  and helped me start to enjoying my life in Australia”

  • Carlos Henrique Pereira, Brazil

    Carlos Henrique Pereira, Brazil

    “I was assisted by a very friendly and competent staff at Easy Life. They helped me not only with my visa, buy they also guided me on how to get a job and to adapt myself in a better way in Australia.”

  • Nathália Garcia, Brazil

    Nathália Garcia, Brazil

    “Easy Life have become my close friends. They are very friendly, and they have helped me with every concern or problem I have in Australia.”

  • Augusto Quintero, Colombia

    Augusto Quintero, Colombia

    “I was looking for a transparent and serious service, and that’s what I found in Easy Life Australia: closeness, trust and an excellent service. I’m really happy, and it’s a relationship that lasts.”

  • Yuko Osawa, Japan

    Yuko Osawa, Japan

    “The people of Easy Life are friendly and professional. They helped me to find a course that was suitable for my level of English and for my schedule.”


  • Narumi Otani, Japan

    Narumi Otani, Japan

    “Easy Life gave me an incredible service. Their consultants organized everything for me: my course, my visa and even gave me some advises about living in Melbourne. I didn’t know anything about how to apply for my visa, but a friend recommended me the agency and they helped me with everything”

  • Boris Contreras, Chile

    Boris Contreras, Chile

    “I was always supported by the whole team. They gave me an efficient service, and since they have the required experience, they knew how to carry out the process. We never had any delay or problem”.

We work with top-leven Australian schools:

  • Fusion
  • Primus English
  • Explore English
  • Greenwich College
  • Torrens University